Wednesday, January 22, 2014

This Shoe, That Shoe, Your Shoe, My Shoe

(Guess what?! We opened a running shop! The Rail Trail Run Shop in Augusta, Maine!)

Learn the basics of Biomechanics, the basics of YOUR biomechanics, 
and what it all means for your next shoe shopping trip. 

Running shoes have changed drastically over the past 20 years.  From the barefoot shoe to the ultra-cushioned shoe, theres no shortage when it comes to choices….which means you have a pretty good chance of ending up in the wrong pair for your body type.

On February 8th, we’ll help you unravel the hype, and find the shoe that will keep you running injury free.

Join us as Dr. Jared Lawson, Maine’s Running Chiropractor and Gait Guru teaches you the basics of biomechanics and walks you through the running shoe spectrum in his complimentary 30 Minute Presentation: This Shoe, That Shoe, Your Shoe, My Shoe. You’ll learn how the ideal foot works, how different shoes support and 
manipulate the movement of the foot, and most importantly, how to use the right shoe to meet your biomechanical patterns and prevent injuries. He’ll answer questions you have related to stride, gait, efficiency and injury, and he’ll be available for free one-on-one gait analysis and plenty of personal trouble shooting—on the house, of course.

Try on minimal shoes, rocker-bottomed shoes, traditional shoes, and ultra-cushioned shoes; peruse our winter clearance and save 20% off any shoe purchase. Plus, everyone who takes a test run will be entered to win a free pair of new shoes from The Rail Trail Run Shop!

Saturday February 8th at 11am
The Rail Trail Run Shop
50 Front Street, Augusta -- Across from the gazebo in Waterfront Park