Wednesday, December 7, 2011

After the Couch to 5k: A Guide to What Comes Next

Over at Kennebec Valley Coaching, I lead a few different running groups. So far, the most popular has been the 5k for Newbies--a group where we use the Couch to 5k plan to get rookies running. Once upon a time, I'm not sure who sat down and developed this plan, but I'm thinking it was God himself because holy crud, this plan works.

This is one of my all time favorite Couch to 5k pictures. Pam is in complete disbelief that she's about to get her finisher's medal. I love it so much:

As much as I want to gush, and gush, and gush about the Couch to 5k, there's an aspect of the program that I just don't love--lots of people don't know what to do when it's all over. They lose the fire and ultimately throw in the towel on the whole running game. Rather than becoming a runner for life, lots of Couch to 5k grads simply look back and say, "Oh yeah, I ran a 5k one time."

Now don't get me wrong, if it's your goal to finish a 5k and move on to greener pastures, I think that's awesome--no one has to be a runner for life. And the fact that you put in the work for ten weeks and finished an entire 3.1? Straight up fabulosity.

But if you have even the slightest inclination to keep on running, well, what comes next?

Here at Run Muffin, for the next week, that's exactly what we'll be covering--life after the Couch to 5k. We'll cover three different "What's next?" options for brand new runners out there:

1) OPTIONS FOR THE RECREATIONAL RUNNER. If you've heard yourself say something like, "Pfft. I don't care about races, I'll just run a little bit and stay in shape," then this is the article for you.

2) A GAME PLAN FOR GETTING FASTER. This is the article for anyone with a competitive and driven spirit who says, "Dang that was fun! I want some personal records!"

3) BECOMING A DISTANCE RUNNER. Somewhere, deep down, if you have fantasies of a 10k or a half marathon, or maybe even a full, you'll want to catch this post.

By the end of the series, you'll be able to design your own basic training plan that falls in line with your on-going running goals.

Shirley and Norm finished their first 5k on Thanksgiving. Their goal is cut a good ten minutes off their time between now and next year. Stayed tuned to learn more about their game plan.

Sound good? Good. Now go tell your friends!


  1. This is great Amy!! I can't wait to read all the upcoming articles.

  2. Can't wait for article 3!! Particularly since I'm already registered for the 2nd Annual Old Port Half this summer!! I'd like to have 1 or 2 already under my belt by then... reasonable?? SURE!!!

  3. I did a c25k program this summer and have struggled with the "What now?" issue. I very much look forward to these articles.

  4. Good morning,
    Please could you help me? I can't seem to find the training articles you mention. I realise this article was originally posted 2012, but I'd appreciate seeing it if it's still available. Many thanks, Sarah