Thursday, December 8, 2011

Lunchtime Tweaks

I usually don't eat out for lunch. Not because I don't love to eat out, but because it gets expensive. I work close enough to home that I usually blitz out and eat some leftovers while I catch an episode of The Duggars on Netflix Instant.

I love my life.

But today my schedule's all over the place, so I ended up grabbing lunch at a deli.

When I walked through the door of the deli, I wanted a Turkey Rachel. It's only the most amazing sandwich on the face of the planet....turkey with thousand island dressing, swiss cheese, and a heap of coleslaw, on buttered rye bread, grilled. Holy crap, it's hands down the best food item ever invented. But the butter alone makes it more of a treat sandwich and less of a normal-old-Thursday sandwich.

So I moved on and opted for this:

Yes, I'm a trainer who eats potato chips.

There are a few 'keys' to this lunch:

1) I ordered half of a sandwich. Yes, it has a little bit of mayo and swiss cheese, but only half as much as a regular sandwich.

2) I wanted the corn chowder--because HELLO????!!!! it's the soup of the gods--but again, it's heavy on the butter. And the cream. And all other manners of goodness. So I opted for the chicken and barley soup instead.

3) And the chips? It's a tiny bag that has 80 calories and 4.5 grams of fat. Much better choice than the potato salad and seriously, who doesn't love a chip?

Staying lean isn't about making extreme choices or eating strange foods. It's about making decent choices consistently. Sure I made a few little sacrifices, but that was a stinkin' good lunch. Plus, no blech feeling and zero regrets.

People, you can have your Turkey Rachel and eat it, too.......but save it for date night.


  1. oh Amy, you might make a healthy(er) eater out of me yet :)


  2. really...whUTZ a chip if it's not an UTZ...not worth it! I love those! (even if there are only 4 of them in that bag)