Tuesday, January 10, 2012

Nothing But a Chair: A Workout for the Office

I'm gonna be really honest with you here. Before I started Kennebec Valley Coaching, I had absolutely no idea how hard it can be for people to stay fit when they work behind a desk. A desk job is far and away the number one answer I hear when I ask people why they started to fall out of shape, or when their weight initially became a problem for them.

This is due to two different factors: lack of planning with food choices, and a good old fashioned shortage of moving around.

I've worked a desk job for about 4 years, and so far, I've been lucky enough to have stayed pretty fit. But believe you me, I can see how it happens.

I try hard to do two things to keep me on track. First I bring enough healthy food to keep me going without an everyday candy bar trip to the gas station:

Pear, Apple, Greek Yogurt, Carrots, Pistachios, Tuna, and Dark Chocolate
About 800 calories, with good fat and lots of protein.

And second, I do little exercises in my office all day long. Which, you'll be lucky enough to watch me do on my webcam. 

Who wants to watch me try to do one-legged squats in a pair of jeans that are way too damn tight? 

You do? Well okay!

I like to do walking lunges to the bathroom, too.

What do you do in your office? We're talking exercise here people, not facebook.


  1. Thanks for this one too! I'm going to be stuck on campus for school and can't really get sweaty (heck sometimes I can't even leave the building for a walk) so this will be great. I'll just find an empty room or the corner of the library!

  2. Next time I'm talking to a customer on the phone and they are just going ON and ON and ON about how mean I am for taking their license away (blah, blah, blah) I'm going to do squats until they stop talking. Great ideas as usual!

  3. tricep muscle.....bingo, we have a winner:)

  4. you are all kinds of awesome. I think I will move to Maine. :)