Sunday, January 29, 2012

Some Updates

The floors in the studio were just refinished, and I can't even begin to believe how great they look. They were absolutely beyond trashed, and in my heart, I thought there was no saving them. In my head, I was figuring out how to justify the fact that my kids' rooms have faux-wood linoleum from 1964, but I was scrounging up the cash to put brand new floors in another person's building. Crisis averted, they look like a jillion bucks.

Mike was the magician who made this happen. Thanks, Mike. I know I barely know you, but rest assured, I love you passionately.

But wow, that floor refinishing sure didn't mush up well with a busy (and icy) Saturday morning. I ended up combining the Winter Warriors Running Group with The Fifty Pound Club all in Jared's overloaded office. Oh holy night, it was a zoo. I can see posts on facebook and Daily Mile that people had a good workout. Always a huge, giant phew on my end.

This week I'm planning on starting two new blog series (or maybe they'll each be single posts, we'll see...).. One will be a series about winter running and one will be a series about my experience of running pregnant under the care of an OB who also ran pregnant. I'm not pregnant, but maybe someone is.

Oh, and we have prizes for our February Facebook Challenge! They're these cute insulated lunch bags that my friend Amy Lane sells. The idea is that once you win the challenge, you'll want to bring a healthy lunch to work with you and skip the drive-thru all together. Aren't they sweet? I probably bought one for myself, too.

 I hope you all have a happy, restful Sunday. I have a long date with my treadmill and a trashy movie tonight. 


  1. WOW!! Floors look amazing. Heck I'd eat off them, they look so clean!

    Did you buy the mushroom bag?! I'm still really digging the cupcake one, I'd have to find a way to justify a new lunch bag when I JUST got a new LLBean lunchbox for Christmas.

  2. I maybe bought the cupcake one for myself...couldn't help it.

    1. you may want to hide that next time I'm around :)

  3. I'll have to get a job so I can take the lunch bag with me! The floors are beyond awesome...Dad just looked at these photos and said niiiice!!!

  4. I love long runs on the treadmill with a trashy movie :)