Thursday, February 23, 2012

Tips from Vanessa

Seriously now. Who doesn't want to be quoted talking about their boobs?

Also, here's a tip from me: If you're a postpartum mom trying to get back in shape, make sure you wear some sort of a belly slimmer when you exercise. Like this one, or this one. You can usually pick them up at TJ Maxx for $5-$10.

Will it make you look all supermodelish like the box says? Probably not. These belly slimmers come equipped with all sorts of promises and gimmicks.

But I promise it does have some definite benefits. First, it will support your low back, which might be pretty shot from pregnancy. Second, it will make you sweat like a pig, which isn't a bad thing when you're exercising. And third, it will help bring your abs back together after being separated during pregnancy. If you tone your abs with the giant gap in between, the gap will want to stay. But if you pull the abs together, they'll tone up with a more pre-pregnancy shape.

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  1. Thanks Amy and Vanessa! One thing I will say, no one should ever have to wear two sports bras. I am a runner and was a G cup during pregnancy and nursing. I found a few great bras out there that did the job on their own. :)