Thursday, March 22, 2012


I just sent this newsletter out to my mailing list. Thought I'd post it here, too.

But first, my knee is feeling really great and I'm on Twitter...which I have no idea how to work. I'm @KVCoaching. Wish me luck with that one!

Okay. Newsletter:

Hi Everyone, and Happy Early Spring! We have so many exciting new things to announce over here at Kennebec Valley Coaching!

I'm so excited to announce, that since their first session in January, The Fifty Pound Club has lost a collective 122 pounds! And that's a whole lot of pounds!!! Everyone's looking so fit and strong--every week we're seeing more and more progress! We still have 5 spots available in the group. If you or someone you know might be interested, you can find more information here.

This week, we're placing an order for KVCoaching Technical T-Shirts (the sweat wicking kind). They'll be really fun to wear for racing and group runs. They'll be $15 each and they run true to size--I'm planning to order a medium. We have mens and womens specific sizes. They're lime green and pretty awesome. Send me an email by tomorrow morning with your size if you're interested!

We have an awesome new online challenge starting April 15th! The Buddy System Bathing Suit Sixty Day Super Challenge will be so. much. fun. You'll work together with two friends to win $25 gift cards to TJ Maxx to put towards new bathing suits. More details are here. Only $24 for a group of 3!

Our resident Pilates expert, Michelle, has had a great time teaching this winter. She's planning a spring class, possibly early morning. For more info, you can contact her directly at

Lunch Pump starts the first week of April! The studio will be open Monday, Wednesday and Friday from 11-1:30. Stop in anytime for a 20-30 minute predesigned strength workout over your lunch break. I'll be there to cheer you on, answer any questions, and generally motivate the crap out of you. Mondays will focus on butts and guts, Wednesdays will focus on upper body, and Friday will be about the lower body. The workouts shouldn't be super sweaty, but in case they are, we have a really clean and private shower on site. Also, the Tot Spot will be open and can accommodate up to 3 kids at a time. Lunch Pump will be $29 per month, $29 for a 6-session punch card, or $8 for a drop-in. We also offer special group pricing for offices. But......DURING THE MONTH OF APRIL WE'RE OFFERING 50% OFF A 1-MONTH PASS!!!! That's literally $1.25 per workout. You've got NOTHING to lose! More details are here.

Our 5k for Newbies group starts on Friday April 6, at 6pm at the Winthrop Grade School Gym. The class will meet for 9 sessions, and cap off with The PTA Friday Night 5k--a separate fundraiser for the PTA. So far, we have 38 registrants, and plenty of room for more! The group is only $59 for adults and $39 for K-12 students, and 30% benefits the PTA. That group will also offer a variation for runners who can already complete a 5k, but who are looking to gain some speed. More info is here.

Halftastic--10k and Half  Training group starts on April 14th at 7am at the studio. We'll cap off the group with the Kennebec Rail Trail Half Marathon and Half Marathon Relay in late June. Those shooting for the relay should be able to run at least 2 miles when the group starts, and those looking to complete the entire half should be up around 5 or 6. This group will be co-coached by Seth Hasty. More info is here. Pass it along to your distance-loving friends! (And if you love running with the group, but hate the idea of running so far, come anyway! We'll modify for you!)

Stroller Rollers starts on April 4th at 9:30. It's super fun, and a crazy plyometrics workout! More info is here.

Before & After Boot Camp is still around and meeting on Wednesday nights at 7 at the studio. During the first week of May, we'll move over to Capitol Park for the summer. Only $29 for a 5-class punch card, or $8 for a drop in. This is a fun one to do with friends.

Personal training has been getting super popular at KVC. There are lots of ways to customize really affordable packages. Honestly, you'll be surprised how affordable personal and small group training can be. Check out the Individuals and Pricing tabs on the website for more information. Don't see a package that fits you? Email me!

Also, I'm working with a few businesses, running classes for their employees. These classes range in price from $40-$50 and can include up to 10 people from your office. Run it by your boss!

I hope everyone is well, and has a great spring. Looking forward to seeing you in the studio and out on the road!

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