Friday, January 6, 2012

An Airport Workout

Once upon a time, I actually ran 5 miles in the Chicago O'Hare Airport. James was a toddler, so I had his stroller with me for a 2 hour layover between Dallas and Hartford. I've got to admit, the run took a little bit of pre-planning--I wore sweats and a sports bra, and I wore my running shoes. When we landed in Chicago, I packed all of our carry-on craps down below, and ran up and down every single hallway I could find. It kept James busy and happy for almost an entire hour, and you'd be surprised how many nice little hills there are inside an airport.

The beautiful thing about that airport run? As far as I know, no one--not a single person--thought I was crazy. They probably just thought I was late for a flight. And when I did get a handful of weird glances I just told myself what I always tell myself--Amy, they're clearly jealous of your mid-grade stroller and average looking body.

Today, an airport run just isn't an option for me. I'm flying solo, so I'm lugging two bags everywhere I go. I guess I could finagle an airport cart, but I thought I'd show you another option (since I'm too cheap to spring for the $1.25).

Behold my first ever webcam blog video. Let me tell you, I catch all kinds of flattering angles in this lil' masterpiece. And fair warning, she's a little hard to hear:

All in all, this workout takes between 12 and 20 minutes to get through. You can take as much time between sets as you need to, but make sure you to the 4 exercises back to back to back to back.

Not gonna lie, this is a kickasstic workout no matter where you are. I do this kind of this at home all the time. In front of the TV. When I feel guilty for eating too much pie.

In other camera-magic related news, I'm totally putting a webcam in Kennebec Valley Coaching's new fitness studio, that way, all the long distance coachers and jump in and snicker at me from all corners of our fair nation (and Canada. We have a real-life Canadian.)


  1. You are AWESOME Amy!!! You give me the courage to do what I need to do without caring what others think. THANK YOU!!!

    PS the video kicks butt!!

  2. You freaking rock! And you're so cute. I love how you look around you before you start each exercise. You are BRAVE! And awesome!!

  3. LOVE THIS on so many levels! You obviously love what you're doing, which makes me enjoy it that much more! And this is actually a real workout in the airport! And you inspire me to not make excuses!

  4. oh my gosh I CANNOT WAIT to snicker at you from Canada :)


  5. What a renegade! Loved it. I was half expecting a TSA agent to stop the video production and confiscate the recording (thank God for small miracles lol). Looks like a great workout, however, I feel badly for whomever what sitting beside you... (I've seen how much you sweat)! Good luck tomorrow!!!!

  6. OMG this is the best idea ever. Totally stealing it next time I have a long layover! I have always wished they had gyms in airports (even just an empty room for something like stretching or situps or pushups or whatever where no one would laugh), but never thought of just running and letting people think I was late. LOVE IT!

  7. when you started w/ the push-ups...

  8. I LOVE THIS!! Do you have an option for those of us that the chair part would make fall on our booties? Really I'm not that coordinated to do that without falling over LOL. I could always do the thing where you use the chair and do the tricep work out I think (uhh sorry no idea what it's called, where you put your hands on the chair and then do sort of revers pushups). That might work too.