Thursday, January 5, 2012

Body Fat Check In...For Real

Checked in on the old body fat this morning and I was happy to see 24.9%. I'm down 1%, with only .9% to go to hit my first goal and get into the fitness range.

Here's how it's been happening:

1) I've been eating lean protein with fruits and veggies for breakfast, because seriously, who says breakfast needs to look like breakfast? Cereal is not required by law, people! I usually eat a baked chicken breast or some hard boiled eggs, a piece of fruit, and some carrots. A nice omelet would give me the same effect while being more 'breakfasty,' but in my world, that's a lot of dirty dishes for a weekday morning. I make my eggs and chicken breasts at the beginning of the week, and they're always right there, super easy to grab.

2) I've been adding strength training or pilates after my runs 3 days a week.

3) I've been running faster on all my training runs and doing HIIT at least once a week.

4) I've been watching my portion sizes and saying no to more things.

What little tweaks could you make to change up your body composition?

By the way, I'm heading down to Florida tomorrow to run the Disney World Half Marathon with an old friend who also happens to be a Kennebec Valley Coacher. I've got a long layover in Boston, so guess what? You're gonna get to see me exercise in an airport. Like real exercise, no fluff.

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  1. Airport exercise? I cannot wait. :) So how exactly does one go about measuring body fat? Do you have a scale that does it?